october 16, 7 PM (IST)
how to secure your data job OFFER in big tech
Interested in transitioning to data science or exploring new career paths?

Take notes on key insights into the field and its opportunities.

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This webinar is for:

those who want to change careers and consider Data Science.
those who want to start their career journey in IT.

You will learn:

  • 1
    an overview of the Big Tech hiring market in 2023, the interview process, from initial interactions with recruiters to the technical screenings.
  • 2
    an in-depth look at the core components of technical interviews, including algorithms, machine learning design, and system/product evaluations.
  • 3
    insights into the onsite interview experience, detailing the significance of the 5-6 intensive sessions within the selection process.
  • 4
    the role and importance of behavioral interviews in assessing cultural fit, teamwork, and adaptability within Big Tech environments.
  • 5
    a wrap-up sharing strategies and insights drawn from real experiences, aimed at providing a deeper understanding of the Big Tech interview landscape.


  • Founder of Mathshub
  • Machine Learning and AI Product Management speaker and lecturer for universities, institutions and platforms with over 12 years of software development and tech product management experience.
  • Product Director of Mathshub
  • Ex-Growth Partnership Manager, TikTok
  • Ex-Business development manager, AItarget.

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