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Data Scientist
for beginners
In 9 months earn real-world data science experience with projects designed by industry experts. Build your portfolio from scratch for a job search

lessons are held on Zoom
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you will receive the full set of necessary skills to become a data scientist and get help from our coaches to find and pursue your dream career
gain knowledge on the course to easily shift your career path and understand complex material faster with your IT experience
basic Python programming for AI projects
database exploration and analysis with SQL
skills to analyze data and form hypotheses
ML and DL algorithms, creating AI projects
+ create business-related projects for your portfolio
We will send you all information about the program
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We also offer employer-sponsored payment options for individuals currently employed and looking to enhance their skills within the company. Our team is available to assist you in preparing a reimbursement request letter to your employer.

  • Anna
    Yandex / HSE University
    development in Python MLE
  • Tatyana
    Philips / Deep Learning School
    machine learning and computer vision
  • Igor
    Brickit / Samsung / Yandex
    machine learning and computer vision
  • Yulduz
    data science and machine learning
  • AIra
    Mathshub / VK / Aitarget 
    product management and marketing
  • Sofia
    Sber / Skolkovo / Avanchair
    machine learning and programming
  • Georgy
    London Gates Education Group
    EDA, mathematics, statistics, A/B testing
  • Yuri
    Bulba / Maps.me / Aimatter
    prototyping with a successful exit, investing in AI
  • Dmitry
    job search, CV
  • Natasha
    ICF / career consulting
    job search, employment, soft skills
  • Oleg
    Yandex / SberDevices / vk
    machine learning, natural language processing
  • Denis
    I2BF / Phystech Leadership Fund
    startup market analysis
    AI market
  • Daria
    HR at IT / DIGITAL
    job search, HR
  • Olga
    Amazon / Yandex / Scentbird
    product management

Course program
Data analysis and programming school
our mission is to help
every person
find a tech job globally
we are alumni of YC Startup School incubator 2018 and the Started by NYU 2019
about 20,000 graduates on advanced training programs in AI, Data Science and Analytics
among our graduates are employees of Google, Alibaba Group, Skyeng, BRMonitor, and others
focus on job search abroad (USA, UK, Europe and Asia)

world-class industry and education professionals
a program for
top-tier graduates
student skills
testing system
communication and mentoring
Career enhancement with professional career coaches:
CV, mock-interview and portfolio prep
Guarantees of receiving
a job offer
Supporting community and strong networking
Anna Chuvilina
video invitation from our
Python module teacher
Examples of projects
Service for detecting fake brand mentions in sales. The project collects images of products from relevant categories, identifies the use of logos, and provides the client with links to posts from sellers of fake goods. Also, it automatically creates a complaint against the advertiser.
Alumni Reviews
Anastasia Ragulina
Data Science
I’ve chosen the career path of a Data Scientist. The training consists of a theoretical components: lectures (conducted in a video conference format, quite interactive, where instructors readily answer questions and explain any unclear points), homework assignments, quizzes, and project works that can later be included in a portfolio. In addition to this, there is a program specifically focused on job search, resume writing, interview preparation, communication with career coaches, and mentor matching. Moreover, what I find particularly impressive is the multiple guest sessions with individuals who have achieved success in their fields (Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Development). These sessions are highly motivating, allowing for asking any questions, and everyone is friendly and eager to provide guidance. It's truly something unique, I haven't come across this in other courses. Special attention is given to networking, with chat groups for communication and support, as well as paired programming sessions. I would also like to mention the mentors; they are very attentive, and I can really sense the significant effort they put in – they have answers to all questions, and any issues can be resolved. Overall, I'm currently about halfway through the learning journey, but I can already feel changes within myself, having learned a lot. Of course, it requires a big amount of effort and time for studying; it's certainly not easy. I’d recommend (and do recommend 😊) career programs to anyone dedicated to productive learning and work.
Natsyn-Enkhedorzhu Oorzhaak
Data Science
The big advantage of this course is that there's no fluff, but highly useful and structured information.
It's worth mentioning the Mathshub community itself, because the instructors, students, and mentors all create a very supportive atmosphere where learning is comfortable.
I'm really glad I signed up here, many of my doubts and fears about starting have finally disappeared
Sayana Bashkueva
Data Science
The focus on building a portfolio for future employment and interview preparation attracted me most to the career program.
The Python module introduced a lot of new information for me, mostly focusing on solving classical programming problems in Python, along with thought-provoking homework assignments. An intriguing creative task was assigned as the project at the end of the module, involving the creation of a chatbot that has great potential for future development.
The SQL block proved to be extremely valuable for me. The knowledge I gained was sufficient to implement my own pet project involving database analysis for a commercial project and creating a dashboard for collecting business statistics.
During the career sessions, we were taught how to approach job searches, create CVs, cover letters, and optimize our social media presence. The individual feedback from the career HR coach greatly aids me with career-related questions, and the deadlines help maintain discipline in these matters.
I always recommend your school to my acquaintances because I believe it's the only school that offers such comprehensive career development assistance, especially on an international level. I must also highlight the atmosphere of openness within the community and the professionalism of all instructors and staff members!"
Polina Kazakova
The learning process is highly tailored to the students: the curriculum can be modified based on the needs and interests of the learners. Instructors and mentors communicate with students on an equal level, always ready to assist and promptly resolve issues. Engaging modules, impressive final projects that can be incorporated into one's portfolio. A substantial amount of materials, lectures, and meetings, which can be challenging to balance with a full-time job, but thanks to the team, I have not lost my motivation to learn, even though I am already approaching the finish line.
Sergei Gusev
Data Science
Now my impressions are positive. After the first lecture, I can say that I enjoyed being among people who have goals and motivation to achieve something. For the past few years, I’m in such a community for the first time. It's truly great! The first lecture on career development was highly motivating. I even wrote three theses (why I’m studying the chosen profession) on a sticker and placed it on my laptop. Now, every time I use my computer, I look at it to remind myself why I need to strive and work diligently.
Everything was clear. The career instructor seemed to me a very wise and educated person. I am delighted that I will be learning from such individuals. They can always share useful experiences, which is fantastic!
I am geared up for productive work. I will put in maximum effort to achieve results and fulfill those three theses I mentioned above. I am eagerly awaiting the next lesson. I can't wait to dive into studying and start gaining knowledge!
Diana Zaripova
As someone with a degree in a related field (theoretical and computational linguistics), I can say that studying at Mathshub has been an excellent opportunity for me to systematize my existing knowledge and acquire a bunch of new skills and insights, including in the realm of international job search, while also expanding my network. A special thank you to all the curators and organizers who are always in touch with us, ready to address any questions at any time. We also have Telegram and Discord channels where all news, updates, event announcements, and homework reminders are regularly posted, which is incredibly convenient - ensuring you won't miss any significant events and will always stay informed.
The classes themselves are conducted interactively; students can freely ask questions to the instructor and clarify any unclear points. Additionally, we complete a variety of tasks both in class and at home, which are closely aligned with real-world developer challenges. The ability to solve these tasks will be beneficial not only during job searches (completing test assignments, technical interviews) but also after receiving job offers. I genuinely appreciate the teaching style of the tutors: engaging, dynamic, and with an appropriate amount of theoretical content (not excessive, but still comprehensive, covering key concepts, etc.), along with numerous examples drawn from real-world development practice. At the end of each module, we defend projects that can be included in our portfolios. These projects are also tied to real-world tasks and help us dive into the process of creating mini-products.
The course program is thoughtfully designed, including all the essential hard skills necessary for students to stand out in their chosen profession. It's worth mentioning that organizers and curators regularly conduct surveys, allowing students to provide feedback on completed modules and the overall learning process. Based on survey results, the program and timelines can be adjusted to accommodate students' preferences.
One major advantage is the career lectures and consultations from career coaches. Career support is crucial in the competitive IT world, especially for novice developers. However, career consultations are often costly, and finding genuine professionals independently can be challenging. Mathshub's program already includes all of this, which, in my opinion, is incredibly cool. The career lectures also always give positivity and optimism!
Furthermore, the program includes guest meetings, where IT specialists with diverse paths and backgrounds in IT share their experiences, stories, and answer questions. This is also a tremendous bonus of the career programs at Mathshub ☺
I highly recommend courses and career programs at Mathshub to professionals from other fields dreaming of transitioning to IT, as well as young IT specialists, especially those without a technical diploma. You will undoubtedly gain a big amount of useful insights for yourself! Also, Mathshub provides a friendly atmosphere of mutual support, assistance, and understanding among the team members, instructors, and students, creating an environment of respect. Many thanks to all the curators, organizers, tutors, coaches, guests, and, of course, to Aira, the founder of Mathshub, for offering such an amazing opportunity to not only improve our skills but also become a part of such an exceptional community ☺


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